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When learning book marketing, it’s essential to learn what NOT to do. As important as it is to learn the right way to do things, and best practices for effective marketing, it’s also essential to avoid the errors which can sink your book before it even swims. The following three lessons are common book marketing mistakes which destroy an author’s dreams before they even have a chance to come true. Even though book marketing can be daunting, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Avoiding the traps discovered by others is an important part of your own journey to success. 1 – Stop Your Cover From Crushing Your Efforts If you spend some time browsing through the Kindle store at random, you’ll soon notice a lot of books which have offputting covers. I bet you don’t feel an eager urge to hit purchase, right? As sad as it is to admit, readers DO judge books by their covers. If your cover either is low-quality or inappropriate, a reader is likely to be put off your book as a whole, regardless of how good the written content is. This doesn’t mean you have to design it yourself. You can either outsource the creation of a cover to a graphic designer, buy a relatively inexpensive premade book cover, or opt for a simple cover without elaborate design requirements. Modern book buyers often browse by flicking through various book covers on their tablet, or phone. The decision to pay closer attention, or move on, is a rapid one. It’s vital you ensure your book cover is worthy of their time. 2 – Protect Your Work Before You Release It Thankfully, protecting the rights you have over your work isn’t a difficult process. It is, however, essential if you […]

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